Learning to fly!

Currently, I work for Volkswagen Group of America at the Innovation Center California (ICC). My Linkedin page does a better job of detailing my work at VW.

Earlier, I was at Sportvision, the Mountain View-based company responsible for adding visual 'bells and whistles' for live TV broadcasts of NFL, NHL, NBA, Nascar and more.

Prior to that, I spent a year at Honda Research Institute in Mountain View, California. At HRI, I was involved in a project automating navigation for car-like robots. The primary motivation was to use a single cheap camera and a visual marker to guide a 4-wheeled robot along a planned path. This project involved a lot of 2D image processing and projective geometry aspects to identify the marker and estimate the camera's position wrt to the marker. Software-based Controllers used the camera data for planning and sent out control commands to the actuators on the actual robot.

In the winter of 2010, I graduated with a Masters degree in Computer Science from Stony Brook University, New York. Supervised by Prof. Tamara Berg, my graduate thesis involved designing Computer Vision-based algorithms for estimating aesthetics in images. This work showed one of the ways to use the vast source of information stored in high-level attributes of photographs.

I spent the summer of 2010 as an intern at Bloomberg in picturesque New York City.

Prior to this I spent a couple of years at Nokia's Research and Development Centre in the beautiful city of Bangalore. At Nokia, I was a part of the Web Runtimes team that developed Flash browser-plugins, in collaboration with Adobe, for Nokia's Series 60 range of smart-phones. My contribution was primarily in porting the plugin onto the Linux-based Maemo platform as an initiative to make the software cross-platform.